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"Producing great sounding music is like cooking a great, memorable meal; both require the finest, freshest ingredients and the loving attention of a talented and dedicated chef or producer. When all of the elements are mixed together with just the right amount of spice and magic dust, something wonderful emerges. And don't forget the wine! Make ours a magnum of the 1990 Chateau Margaux!"
Music Samples

HBO PPV Boxing   Thump   Dreams
Ring Battle
Sports Time Ohio
Burnham Medical

Mayweather 30 TV
Tampa Bay Storm
Star Power

Pacquiao Face Off
Dewalt Tools
Gladiator TV

Hopkins Taylor 1
Showtime Affliction
Dreyfus Financial
Mayweather Marquez
Shout Phone
City Plaza

World   Grand   Quirky
Sonesta Hotels

"Will To Live" Theme

Go To Meeting

La Parilla Restaurants

March of Dimes TV

Honda Is The Greenest

Tradwinds Resourts

Hello TV 1

Blue Ribbon Green Beans

Sonny's Brisket Blues

Baycare Hospitals

Subway "Big Bite"

Ritz Carlton Cancun

Hello TV 2

Making Waves cue

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